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African American Santa on a Vintage Sewing Bobbin

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*  Wonderful African American Santa with a basket full of toys.

* His  deep brown eyes seem to follow you around the room.

His coat & hood are made from a vintage wool coat.  it is trimmed in aged cotton batting. 

All around his hood are tiny jingle bells.   there is a larger bell off the back of his hood.

  He has a wool under dress. 

His face and gloved hands are made from paper clay. 

  Off his belt he has hanging some more tiny jingle bells and a tiny key. He wants the children to hear him when he is close.  

out from under his coat sleeves, is peeking a aged flannel shirt. 

In his basket, that is secured around his waist is a basket of toys.


He has a vintage celluloid reindeer

a vintage bottle brush tree, some  snow covered branches,

a squeeze box, cinnamon sticks and some vintage aluminum  twist.  I cut them in half.  Some are hanging off the side of the basket. 

If you could see them, they still have the original thread on it.  you can still see bits of sparkle.  There are 2 of them, one is red the other is blue. 

On the side of his  basket, he has some vintage white and red berry pips. 

on the front he has vintage holly leaves from an old corsage. 

His basket is tied around his waist and could be removed if you wanted to.

this is truly a wonderful, unique addition for any santa collector,

his hair and beard are made from sheep wool. 


‚ÄčSanta and Belsnickles 2

 Make way for some new ones

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