* This candy container santa is 11 inches of cuteness. He has a 3 inch wood base covered in snow and sparkle

* His container is 1 & 1/4 inches  across and  2 & 3/4 inches deep.

*His hood is white flannel trimmed in white recycled rabbit fur.  He also wears a  fur collar

* His coat is made from suede cloth.  and trimmed in aged cotton batting   His coat can be moved around like it is blowing in the wind. That was one of the properties of suede I like for Santa.


* His  paper clay face, gloved hands and face were made by me.   

* He carries a remade drum with leather on top and bottom.  hanging off his belt is a santa face mask and above this,  is a rusty key and jingle bell. The kids can hear Santa coming.

* Santa also has a small basket with a vintage bottle brush tree, some vintage garland and a tiny toy zebra.

* this Santa is not only a gift but a gift box for a special small gift.

* All my Santas will come with the Early American magazine hang tag.

This shows that I am among the best at what I do.  Make Santas.  *   

          Thanks for looking.....  D Koper   

* Belsnickle  Santa Candy Container is 19 inches tall from his wood base to the top of his hood, His  wood base is 4x6. It is snowed on and has glass glitter and mica flakes sparkling on it. 

* He wears an aged green flannel coat trimmed in aged cotton batting.

* His face and gloved hands are paper clay sculpted by me. 

* In his right hand he holds a handmade feather tree.  on top the tree is a vintage berry pip.I  also made the tree


* His boot are paper mache and made in Germany.  They are made by the same company that made them 100 years ago. the same style.  The are stapled together and a strip of glued paper is then run over the staples. These are very hard to come by.  I heard the company was going to close its doors.   

* This Belsnickle has cotton rope for his belt and has a basket of toys hanging from his belt.

* In his basket is a vintage bottle brush tree, a wrapped gift, snowman, house and a vintage green mercury glass bulb.

* This container is large. 7 inches deep and 3 inches wide.  I wanted it large so you can actually put something inside if you wanted to.   

* His beard and hair are peruvian sheep wool

* This SAnta is special for any Christmas enthusiasts. It is always an eye catcher.

This unique Santa is made in the USA and made entirely by me.  D Koper 

Like most handmade art, these Santas are not perfect, but the photos are intended to show all before you bid. The camera can see more then the naked eye.  

Santa white hood ~ Candy container

Any questions you may have, I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Large  Green Candy container Belsnickle

Candy container Santa holding his hood     

10 inches tall and approx 4 1/2 inches wide. 

‚Äč His arms are gently moveable at the shoulder and elbow. ( He does not move his wrist.) 

  • The  candy container is  1  1/4 in wide and 2 3/4 inches deep. 

  • Paper clay  feet,  head, and  hands are made by me

  •  He has a timepiece over his belt  with a gold tone  metal chain.               

  •  He carries a remade drum with leather on top and  bottom


  •  He carries a basket with a hand made sail boat,  flat back dutch doll, a vintage bottle brush tree and some deep pink vintage garland     

  •   He wears a slightly aged flannel coat, trimmed with aged batting.  He has a rusty key pined to his coat.  

  • He is brushed with snow and his 3 1/4 inch wood base is covered in snow and Mica flakes

      He has sheep wool for his hair and beard.

Please check the pictures carefully for they are part of the description.  

Santa holding onto his hood : Candy Container

Santa  &  Belsnickle

* This Old German Santa is 21 & 1/2 inches tall. His base is about 5 x 7.  It is snow covered and sprinkled with mica and glass glitter.  Oh, how it sparkles.He has a double stand so there is plenty room to place some of your collectables by him. 

* his coat is a  stripe of "olive gold green", black, and paprika. The coat is trimmed with my last piece of vintage curly wool.  Sleeves, Hem line, hood,  top of his boots and a chest piece.  The chest wrap is bottomed off with vintage marcasite buttons. Oh how I wanted to keep these.  But, they look great on this Santa.

* His face, gloved hands and boots are sculpted  made by me in paper clay.

* From under his coat sleeve, he has a natural yellowing of a white wool sweater.

* He is holding a nice size bottle brush tree with tinsel wire through it.  I put a real piece of wood on the stem.

* He has a leather rope around his waist.  He has 2 bells handing off his belt.  They ring when he walks.

* His slacks are a heavy tweed fabric. They add so much texture to  this Old World santa.

* Most of my Santas are Not made with any coat and sleeve patterns.  I just go with the flow. (They are not perfect, like you buy from mass producers.) 

* His hair and beard are from Peruvian sheep wool.

* In his leather bag, made from an old leather wallet, he has a vintage santa head pick , a USA flag, a copy of a santa chenille doll with a paper  scrap face from Germany.

* there is a wrapped gift and an antique frozen charlotte.  This frozen charlotte  is not perfect.

 * it is 160 years old. It was dug up in Germany next to the factory who produced them in 1860.

*Santa has an old key attached to his top wrap.

* He also has a piece of WV coal at his feet.  This is for somebody who has no fire in his hearth on Christmas Eve.   

* Santa can be gently moved at shoulders and elbows.  *Never at the wrist. 

* This Santa is a wonderful addition to a collector especially  because of its unique style.

Thanks for visiting.  D Koper




$ 215.00 + $ 1.00 shipping     email me.  dk

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$58.00 + shipping   email me

Old World santa with Vintage Curly wool hat  and trim

**  Hehas a 160 year old Frozen Charlotte in his bag.

* Only the art doll is for sale.  Nothing else in the pictures is part of the sale.   

$159.00 + shipping